New lookout tower in Veľká Rača offers views of Fatra and Beskydy

Sculptures located inside.

(Source: TASR)
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A new lookout tower built in the Oščadnica ski resort at the top station of the Dedovka cable car offers views of Malá Fatra, Javorníky, Kysucké and Moravsko-sliezske Beskydy.

The building is at an altitude of 924 metres and was built within a Slovak-Polish project.

There is a gallery of sculptures in the interior of the lookout tower by the creator of the construction, Stanislav Mikovčák.

The lookout tower has to be adjusted to demanding Kysuce conditions. “Even now, the whole stone part of the construction is covered with snow. The weather is simply like this, the wooden tower is not able to resist it,” Mikovčák said, as quoted by TASR.

The bottom part of the tower is made with stone, the upper part with wood. Construction is covered to prevent snow from getting in.

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