Traditional pig-slaughtering shown in Svidník

They prepared soup, white pudding, sausages, brawn and cabbage with meat.

(Source: TASR)

Traditional pig-slaughtering is a New Year’s tradition at Svidník’s open-air folk museum.

People in this region often follow the Julian calendar, so New Year’s Eve is celebrated on January 13 and New Year's Day on January 14. This year, they recalled the traditions of their ancestors and allowed visitors a taste of traditional pig-slaughtering food.

“Orthodox believers celebrate Christmas according to the Julian calendar, so two weeks later,” said director of Slovak National Museum – Museum of Ukrainian Culture in Svidník, Jaroslav Džoganík, as quoted by the TASR newswire. The event was a replica of what it used to look like at a traditional village pig-slaughtering.

Social event of the village

They prepared a soup, white pudding, sausages, brawn, cabbage with meat and so on, Džoganík said.

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Mayor of Kurimka village Ján Božík, who has been pig-slaughtering for 30 years, said that it used to be a treat for people, who were helping each other in the village during the year.

Women used to bake poppy and nut cakes. People gathered together and sang, so the event has cultural character.

Božík said that in the village where he lives, there used to be two pig-slaughters per year in each family; currently, there are about four or five in the whole village.

“When I was little, there was a pig hanging in our yard as well,” said Anna Hužvejová of Svidník. “We as children used to run around it; we were happy. I did not like the soups, but rather the white pudding and sausage.”

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