Dell offers multifaceted careers

Why internship is a good career start?

When the technological firm Dell was looking for new employees for its Bratislava-located centre for sales and customer support 15 years ago, with a focus on the German-speaking market, it advertised on the city’s trams. There was limited knowledge about the company. Local knowledge of the centre has since expanded while it has grown into a global business centre that uses much more sophisticated ways for finding new talents.

“The firm quickly realised that Slovaks have not only great language skills, but are also very detail- and task-oriented with a strong analytical mindset,” Stephen Caulfield, Site Lead of Dell Global Business Centre, recalled the steep growth of the centre in Bratislava.

Today the centre’s competencies include finance, global business operations, IT, data science, technical support, procurement, HR and more. It employs more than 2,600 employees of 48 nationalities; the company perceives its employees’ different backgrounds as a great advantage.

“The different cultural points of view can give much bet-ter solutions to problems we are trying to fix,” said Caulfield, adding that technology, due to an exponential growth of data, has become an inseparable part of each sector, whether it be in finance, health care, agriculture or petrochemicals.

The centre is continuing to look for new talents in Bratislava, offering them several opportunities for further development. “Research done in our industry shows that a 21-22-year-old entering the work force now will have to re-skill them-selves seven times before they retire,” said Caulfield. “With the scale of business we have here in Bratislava, we offer those open to new opportunities a multifaceted career in a multinational environment.”

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