Gatherings will remember two years since the murders of Ján and Martina

Slovaks will walk gather in squares a week before elections, on February 21.

One of the For a Decent Slovakia gatherings takes place in Bratislava on September 20, 2019One of the For a Decent Slovakia gatherings takes place in Bratislava on September 20, 2019 (Source: TASR)

Two crucial moments will be happening just a few days from one another next month. One is the second anniversary of the murder of the Ján Kuciak and Martina Kušnírová murders, and the other is the general election.

The For a Decent Slovakia initiative, which launched the first protests after the murder of the journalist and his fiancée in February 2018, has called on Slovaks to come out to the squares again on the second anniversary of their murder, on February 21.

“We’re carefully watching the investigation of their murder, as well as of the scandals Ján Kuciak wrote about,” the initiative said in its statement. “Nor have we forgotten, and we will walk out to the squares.”

The initiative said they not only want to organise public gatherings on one day, but aim to get people involved through discussions, exhibitions and other events throughout the whole week. All the events will be organised under the “A Week of Ján Kuciak” flag.

The “For Ján, for Martina, and for a decent country” gatherings are expected to take place in 43 places so far.

A nation-wide tour prior to elections

Apart from the gatherings, For a Decent Slovakia plans to travel around the country from the start of February until the elections are held. They will visit more than 100 municipalities.

“We are a civic initiative, which honours democracy, but we can’t promise a political change,” the initiative claimed. The initiative can, however, change the atmosphere in society, it added.

They will not only talk to people on the streets of big and small towns. Several schools have also shown interest in discussions organised by For a Decent Slovakia.

“We will travel across poorer regions, where people lack jobs and where roads are damaged. We will visit places where minorities live,” the initiative said.

These are the places politicians have forgotten about, hoping to mobilise people ahead of the February 29 election, For a Decent Slovakia added.

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