Two antelope flown to Indonesia in hardest transport of Košice zoo's history

They boarded in Prague.

(Source: TASR)

Two antelope, successfully raised in the Košice zoo, will enrich the zoo in the Indonesian town of Batu. They were flown to Indonesia last week.

The one and half-year-old male of the blue wildebeest species and a female of the lesbok species were born in Košice in May of last year.

The plane with antelope that took off from Prague on January 24 landed on the same day in the Indonesian capital Jakarta.

“Zoo Košice managed the hardest transport of animals in its history,” said Eva Malešová of Košice zoo, as quoted by the TASR newswire. “The flight by plane took 13 hours with one layover,” she added. The special box containing the male weighed about 320 kilograms, while the second was about one-third of the weight.

In good condition

From Jakarta, the animals were transferred to the zoo in Batu, which is 750 kilometres away from the Indonesian capital. Keepers packed water and hay for the travelling antelope.

“In Jakarta, animals were taken by a vet and zoologist, who confirmed that they were in good condition,” Malešová said, as quoted by the TASR newswire.

She emphasised that this kind of transport is complicated. The negotiations started in the autumn of the last year, but the transport took place several months later because the necessary permissions were being processed. Besides the origin of the animals, a vet certificate that shows the animal is healthy with no symptoms of infection is also important.

The transport was financed by an Indonesian partner. In the Košice zoo, two groups of wildebeest and one group of blesbok have been successfully bred.

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