Slovakia to buy its national football stadium for more

The state is to spend nearly €100 million on the purchase.

A visual of Slovakia's national football stadiumA visual of Slovakia's national football stadium (Source: TASR)

The purchase of Slovakia’s national football stadium is to get costlier after the government approved an addendum to the original contract.

Initially, Slovakia was to pay €75.2 million, but the purchase price has increased by about €25 million to €98,447 million. The current owner, National Football Stadium (NFŠ), however, said the price should be even higher, as reported by the SITA newswire. NFŠ is owned by businessman Ivan Kmotrík Sr.

“The additional costs incurred as a result of additional works related to security infrastructure of the stadium, The European Football Union (UEFA) standards, as well as the extension of construction, increase labour and materials prices,” the Education Ministry said, as quoted by the TASR newswire.

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The consulting company KPMG carried out an audit for the ministry, saying the justified increase in the final price stands at €23.247 million.

NFŠ asks for more

The construction of the national football stadium on Tehelné pole in Bratislava began in 2016 and was completed at the end of 2019.

The state pledged to complete a non-commercial part of the stadium and provide a subsidy of €27.2 million to NFŠ, which would later be deducted from the final sum.

The company has, however, claimed the stadium is worth €122 million after it had an expert from the firm CORPORA evaluate the construction.

The whole process of the state's costlier purchase will have to be approved by the European Commission and the Office for Public Procurement (ÚVO), TASR wrote.

The ministry added that the NFŠ should be paid the new sum only if it is approved by these institutions.

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Theme: Národný futbalový štadión (Tehelné pole)

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