National gallery's building provokes divided opinions

The Slovak National Gallery is a rare architectural mix on the Danube's riverbank.

Slovak National GallerySlovak National Gallery (Source: Courtesy of Spectacular Slovakia)
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The Slovak National Gallery (SNG) is the most important art museum in Slovakia, managing around 60,000 exhibits. Its main Bratislava site is comprised of three buildings: the historical, baroque Vodné kasárne (Water Barracks), the neo-Renaissance-style Eszterházy Palace, and the modern extension by the Slovak architect Vladimír Dedeček. Opinions over the latter wing are divided, with some architecture experts praising it as an example of excellent modern and functionalistic architecture, while others condemn it for damaging the harmony of the historical setting.

The Water Barracks and the extension known as “bridging”, facing the Danube River embankment, are currently closed. The reconstruction of the premises started in autumn 2015. The SNG has promised that after reconstruction of the premises is complete, it will include a world class art venue. In the meantime, the gallery’s options for displaying masterworks from its collection and travelling exhibitions are limited to the Eszterházy Palace.

Opening hours:

Tue-Sun: 10:00-18:00
Thu: 12:00-20:00

Ticket prices:

Free of charge.

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