This is the most romantic place to go in 2020

Welcome to the town where the longest love poem in the world was born.

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The town of Banská Štiavnica is full of love not only on Valentine’s Day. This year, the town celebrates a special romantic anniversary and will host related events throughout the year.

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The Slovak love poem Marína, which is the longest love poem in the world, was born in Banská Štiavnica; its author and his muse were born exactly 200 years ago, which is why the year 2020 will belong to love in the town.

Marína, which was written by Slovak poet Andrej Sládkovič to his love Marína Pischlová, has more than 2,900 verses and almost 100,000 characters. It was published in 1846 for the first time and since 2017, it is officially stated as the world record in the World Record Academy.

Štiavnica in love

Thanks to the project Štiavnica in Love, verses of the poem will reach the streets, and Banská Štiavnica will be put on a map of the most romantic places in the world.

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“The aim of the project is to make Banská Štiavnica popular as the town of the Longest Love Poem of the World and put it on the world map of the most romantic towns, such as Paris and Verona,” said Igor Brossman, who stands behind the project.

“Today, Banská Štiavnica is well-known and visited mainly due to its rich mining history and unique technological monuments,” said the mayor of Banská Štiavnica Nadežda Babiaková, adding that Banská Štiavnica has the potential to become the town of the Longest Love Poem of the World. “That’s why the main topic in Banská Štiavnica this year is the celebration of 200th birthday of Marína and Sládkovič.”

The year of Marína and Sládkovič starts on Valentine’s Day and continues at full speed in May – the month of love. To notify every visitor who enters Banská Štiavnica this year that he or she is entering the town of love, representatives of the municipality have attached the signs “Zaľúbená Štiavnica” meaning Štiavnica in Love.

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Romantic activities in Banská Štiavnica:

The aim of the project is to disperse the most beautiful love verses of Marína so visitors will meet them in the streets, facilities around the town and also during romantic walks in nature around Banská Štiavnica. There are four key activities:

1. Poetry in the streets

Dozens of verses of Marína will be added to the backrests of benches in the town in Slovak and English. QR codes will also be placed there so visitors can learn more about the project Štiavnica in Love.

2. Places where the Longest Love Poem of the World were born

There will also be a map of the 20 most beautiful places linked to the birth of the poem Marína that no visitor of Štiavnica should miss. These are authentic places that were either visited by Sládkovič and Marína or served as inspiration for the poem. Unlike the balcony in Verona, where Julia never stood, Banská Štiavnica is full of places where Marína and Sládkovič were living their fatal love.



3. Town game “Compose your own love poem from beautiful verses of Marína”

There will be a new innovative platform that will connect touristic places – both commercial and non-commercial. All 20 involved facilities adopted one verse of the poem that will be protected and popularised during the year. They will also offer a new “love” product to guests. After buying it, the guests will get a sticker with a verse. Verses will be stuck in any order into the empty book. The aim is to gain as many verses as possible and create your own poem from the verses of Marína. The game should be launched in May 2020.

4. Festival of love and beauty - Štiavnický ĽÚBFEST

The first year of the three-day-long romantic festival celebrating love and beauty will take place in the historic centre of Banská Štiavnica between June 19 and 21. The programme will be published on the website

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