Foreigners: Slovakia’s city of tolerance has a lot to offer

Košice is not only about St Elisabeth Cathedral and ice hockey.

Wintertime in Košice.Wintertime in Košice. (Source: TASR)

Slovakia’s former PM said in 2018 there was nothing in eastern Slovakia. So, is there?

Sergei comes from Russia, Ingeborg from Norway, and they moved to eastern Slovakia from Germany and Denmark three years ago.

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They first lived in Prešov but soon moved Košice, not knowing at the time that the city is dubbed Slovakia’s city of tolerance. Košice has become a temporary home that they both love.

In the podcast, they not only reveal their favourite places and things to do in Košice, but also why Sergei loves Slovakia so much. He even shows off his eastern Slovak accent.

Since they are foreigners that have become well-acquainted with Košice, they also comment how the city can change for the better.

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