The blockade of the special session is over. MPs discussed 13th month pensions only

The two previous attempts to discuss the proposals were marred by opposition MPs blocking the desk.

A special parliamentary session on February 20, 2020.A special parliamentary session on February 20, 2020. (Source: TASR)

The special session started in parliament on its third day, after the protesting opposition MPs left the speaker’s desk. Despite this, the lawmakers did not manage to get through the whole agenda.

MPs were to debate three draft laws approved by the government and adopt them in a fast-track procedure. This includes higher child allowance, 13th month pensions, and scrapping highway stickers. They were also expected to adopt a resolution on the Istanbul Convention.

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Prime Minister Peter Pellegrini (Smer) opened the special session. He had to use one of the side speech stands brought to the assembly hall as several opposition MPs continued to block the main stand.

They gave up only after Pellegrini had said they revealed their “mistaken vision of democracy”, as reported by the TASR newswire.

Against fast-track procedures

Most of the February 20 session comprised of a debate on the 13th month pensions and a proposal to pass this draft law in the fast-track procedure. Mostly opposition MPs were involved in the debate on pensions, criticising the government and pointing out its scandals.

The deputies of the so-called democratic opposition, namely Freedom and Solidarity (SaS), Za Ľudí, Christian Democratic Movement (KDH), and Progressive Slovakia (PS) and Spolu, said they would not support any fast-track procedure. They claimed they want to show clearly who collaborates with the coalition and who does not.

Sme Rodina of Boris Kollár said it will support the draft laws apart from highway stickers, but no fast-track procedures.

MPs are yet to discuss the possibility of adopting a draft law on higher child allowances in the fast-track procedure. Once the debate ends, the parliament will first vote on the fast-track procedure, and possibly on draft laws afterwards.

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