Police accused Bašternák of another crime

Charges pertain to a tax-related case linked to Bonaparte.

Ladislav BašternákLadislav Bašternák (Source: Sme)
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Investigator of the National Criminal Agency has charged Ladislav Bašternák and three other people in the case of tax crimes linked to the Bonaparte building on Bratislava's castle hill, where Robert Fico used to live until last year.

The police informed on Facebook that the charges pertain to unauthorised claims for VAT refunds of more than €900,000.

The sum included supplier invoices for construction materials and works on construction on the building.

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The accused are the former executive directors of two companies. Besides Bašternák, also Stanislav Plutko and Ivan Piterka were executive directors in Real Forum Invest. The fourth accused has been identified as Peter H.

They are accused of tax evasion as accomplices.

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