Number of foreigners working in Slovakia has dropped

Ukrainians continue to be the largest group of foreigners working in Slovakia.

(Source: Sme)

Almost 77,800 foreigners were working in Slovakia, according to statistics from the end of January 2020.

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The number of foreigners working in Slovakia thus decreased for the second consecutive month. While in December 2019 it dropped by 77 people, in January 2020, it was 539 foreigners less.

In August to November 2019, there were an increasing number of foreigners working in Slovakia. In August, the numbers grew by 444 foreigners, in September, it grew by 1,100 and in October by 2,400 and in November by 1,400, the SITA newswire reported.

Ukrainians still lead the charts

Ukrainians continue to be the largest group of foreigners working in Slovakia. The first month of the year brought a drop by 312 Ukrainians, so the overall number decrease to 22,600.

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The number of Serbians working in Slovakia increased by 38 people to 13,400 people. Among EU citizens, the most were Romanians, about 8,400 working in Slovakia, followed by 5,900 Czechs and 5,500 Hungarians.

A quarter of foreigners were working in Bratislava at the end of January 2020, followed by region of Trnava, where 8,800 foreigners were registered.

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