Paperback or e-book? Slovaks go with the former

March is known as the month of books in Slovakia.

Slovaks prefer paper books to e-books.Slovaks prefer paper books to e-books. (Source: TASR)

At a time when people are trying to be more eco-friendly, it seems that Slovaks still prefer paper books to e-books.

“If a reader likes an e-book, they tend to also buy a paper version,” Panta Rhei bookstore’s marketing director Lukáš Bonk said.

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E-book readers claim that electronic books are eco-friendly. Nonetheless, paper is a recyclable material. Moreover, there are books made from already recycled paper and colours originating from ecological materials.

“Their production is financially demanding,” Matej Ďurišin from the Aktuell publishing house said. Aktuell has published only one such book to date, titled Domácnosť Bez Odpadu (Household without Waste).

This is why these books will not soon replace the traditional ones. People are unwilling to pay more for eco-friendly books, and the competitiveness on the book market is tough, Ďurišin claimed.

However, according to the statistics, Slovaks have shown more interest in the topic of sustainability and ecology in the last year than they have previously, Panta Rhei noted.

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