Glossary: Climate change worries young Slovaks

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Students partake in a climate protest organised by Fridays for Future Slovakia in Banská Bystrica on September 20, 2019.Students partake in a climate protest organised by Fridays for Future Slovakia in Banská Bystrica on September 20, 2019. (Source: TASR)

As well as this special glossary, which relates to the articles "Greta Thunberg followers in Slovakia say local is important" and "More than 100 kilograms of waste pulled out of Tatra lakes", you can find more expressions in our Glossary for politics & business or in the List of names of institutions in English and Slovak.

assert [əˈsə:t] tvrdiť
attend [əˈtend] navštevovať, zúčastňovať sa
awareness [əˈweənis] povedomie
besides [biˈsaidz] okrem
building [ˈbildiŋ] budova
consequence [ˈkonsikwəns] následok
country [ˈkantri] krajina
current [ˈkarənt] súčasný
election [iˈlekšən] voľby
ensure [enˈšuə] uistiť sa
environment [inˈvairənmənt] prostredie
estimate [ˈestiˌmeit] odhadnúť
existential [ˌegziˈstenšəl] existenčný
figure [ˈfigə] údaj, číslo
gather [ˈgæðə] zhromaždiť
global [ˈgləubəl] globálny
headmaster [ˌhedˈmaːstə] riaditeľ
impact [ˈimpækt] dosah
importance [imˈpoːtəns] dôležitosť
increasingly [inˈkriːsiŋli] viac a viac
initiative [iˈnišiətiv] podnet
join [džoin] pripojiť sa
mobilise [ˈməubiˌlaiz] uviesť do pohybu
mostly [ˈməustli] prevažne
movement [ˈmuːvmənt] hnutie
need [niːd] potreba
often [ˈofən] často
on behalf [on: biˈhaːf] v mene
other [ˈaðə] iný
participate [paːˈtisiˌpeit] zúčastniť sa
preparation [ˌprepəˈreišən] príprava
primary [ˈpraiməri] základný
public [ˈpablik] verejnosť
regularly [ˈregjuləli] pravidelne
respective [riˈspektiv] príslušný
ring [riŋ] zavolať
sense [sens] zmysel
should [šud] mal by si
society [səˈsaiəti] spoločnosť
strike [straik] štrajk
surface [ˈsə:fis] povrch
too [tuː] tiež
volunteer [ˌvolənˈtiə] dobrovoľník
waste [weist] odpad
without [wiˈðaut] bez
worldwide [ˈwə:ldˈwaid] celosvetovo

This glossary is published as part of The Spectator College, a programme designed to support the study and teaching of English in Slovakia, as well as to inspire interest in important public issues among young people.

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