Short hike with lots of snow and stunning views

Dive into piles of snow.

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If searching for a hike with spectacular views, Kľak (1,352 metres above sea level) is the hike to choose. The peak is located at the border of the Žilina and Trenčín region and it is accessible from two sides – the village of Vrícko located in the Žilina region and the Fačkovské Sedlo ski resort.

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The hike takes about two hours. The path from Vrícko is less frequented so it is possible to meet fewer people here. This way goes around the spectacular Kľacký waterfall.

While most of the path leads through the forest, the peak is rocky and reveals views of peaks on the Krivánska part of Malá Fatra, Veľká Fatra, the Low Tatras and the High Tatras.

When the weather is nice and visibility high, it is a perfect choice for observing the distant peaks of Slovak mountains. Moreover, thanks to piles of natural snow, it will be like a winter fairy-tale.

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