Hiking through history: Klapy Mountain to Považský Castle

Admire the view of Považská Bystrica and watch sun rays reflect on the Nosice water reservoir.

KlapyKlapy (Source: One2We)

When love works, each morning is unique and beautiful, sings popular Slovak band Gladiator. When hiking to a mountain with surprisingly gorgeous views unexpectedly turns into an adventure, the day is full of life and fantastic colours.

On the main road from Považská Bystrica to Púchov, passing through the Nosice water reservoir, an amazing forested and rocky mountain, shaped a bit like a horn, comes into view.

Klapy mountain, sometimes known as Cigánka (“gipsy woman”), is called Klapé by locals.

A gypsy woman turned to stone

Its origin is in the Old German word “Klippen”, meaning klippe. The white limestone bulging from the klippe’s case is also called marl or flysch, and has its fossil brothers in Vršatec klippe, the largest Czorsztyn type klippe in Slovakia, and in The Pieniny Klippen Belt.

One of the Klapy klippe is reminiscent of an eating woman. According to legend, a gypsy woman liberated the men ploughing of their hunger with a pot filled with oatmeal. She was punished by being changed into stone.

The yellow marked hiking path to the Klapy mountain starts in the picturesque Udiča village. The name possibly comes from the Slovak word “udica” (“fishhook”) or maybe from the local dialect word “údzic” (“drying in the smoke”).

The path winds through the meadow, where in summer busy bees fly over the blooming flowers and maybe over the rare blue anemone, which changes its outfit in fall. Here, you can stop for a while, take a deep breath, admire the view of Považská Bystrica and watch sun rays reflecting on the Nosice water reservoir.

From the crossroad you will continue to a tiny rocky ridge, where you will climb up to the limestones. An eagle-owl may spread his wings above you. The beams of light will elbow their way through the trees and expose the panoramic winding water reservoir to reflect your thoughts and dreams, and make you laugh with joy.

Standing on the summit you will admire a view of the mysterious and legendary rock town, The Súľov Rocks, and the narrowest gorge in Slovakia, Manínska Tiesňava gorge. You will fix your eyes on the Malá Fatra mountains hovering over the horizon and imagine the Slovak famous highwayman, Juraj Jánošík, running wild across the meadow. Strážov Mountain with Čičmany, its houses covered in white geometrical ornamentation, hidden in its shadow, will great you from afar.

Forgotten French elegance

The hiking path will lead you into history to the ruin of the Považský Castle. You will observe the Renaissance manor house and then find yourself in front of the gateway to the castle built on the steep mountain in the 13th century by Hungarian King Béla IV, later occupied by the Podmanický brothers, the infamous thieving knights.

Perched among the strong walls you will feel a sense of the forgotten French elegance of the river Loire castles or the symmetry of ancient columns. And in the silence you will harken to a story of the beautiful Hedviga.

Or you will lie down in the grass and the sky above you will start to paint an image as unique as the famous Slovak painter, Martin Benka.

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