UPDATED: 6. MAR 2020, AT 13:26

UPDATED: Bratislava secondary school closed over COVID-19 suspicion

The virus has not been confirmed at the school.

The vocational school on Fajnorovo nábrežie in Bratislava.The vocational school on Fajnorovo nábrežie in Bratislava. (Source: Fajnorka.sk)

A school in Slovakia will close its doors for two days due to a suspected case of the coronavirus. It is the first coronavirus-related school closure in Slovakia

The decision comes after one of the students reportedly met a COVID-19-infected person abroad. Thus, a vocational secondary school on Fajnorovo nábrežie in Bratislava will remain closed for at least two days, when results should either confirm or dismiss the suspicion.

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Based on the results, a regional chief medical officer and the Bratislava Self-governing Region (BSK) will coordinate their further steps. BSK has already recommended schools to reconsider the participation of students and teachers in mass gatherings such as school trips.

The virus has not been confirmed at the school, Lucia Forman, spokesperson for the Bratislava Self-Governing Region, stated on March 6.

Isolation rooms in each school

“In relation to the current developments in the epidemiological situation, the Bratislava region has recommended headmasters pay the highest attention possible to this issue and follow thoroughly recommendations made by Slovakia’s chief medical officer,” BSK spokesperson Lucia Forman said.

BSK also said every school run by the Bratislava Self-Governing Region needs to establish an isolation room for those suspected of having the coronavirus.

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“It is necessary to pay more attention to hygiene and to make sure pupils and staff have disinfectant gels or antibacterial soaps available,” Forman went on to say.

Further measures taken in Bratislava

Coronavirus has not been detected in Slovakia, unlike the country’s neighbouring countries. However, BSK has also launched a new website where municipalities in the Bratislava region can find all necessary information on the coronavirus.

Bratislava as the capital has also taken up some measures, including the disinfection of public transport vehicles and a restriction on visits in senior houses, managed by the city, for those who have returned from coronavirus-affected countries.

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