Retail and production saw the steepest increase in vacancies

Bratislava holding the Profesia Days event these days.

Profesia Days 2020 in BratislavaProfesia Days 2020 in Bratislava (Source: TASR)

The most job offers in the past six months have been reported by retail, production, IT and administration.

The job portal reported an increase in the number of offers in retail with 24,600 vacancies since September 2019. In production, it was 16,300 vacancies, while IT is searching for 13,900 new staffers, the SITA newswire reported.

More than 10,000 vacancies are available in administration, transport and logistics, economy and accounting.

Young people interested in tourism and IT

Tourism and gastronomy struggle with the fact that mostly young people aged 15-24 years are interested in working in those fields, said Ivana Molnárová, CEO of the Profesia recruitment company, at the opening of the Profesia Days job fair held in Bratislava’s Incheba on March 4 and 5.

As much as 78 percent of job applicants in these sectors are younger than 34 years.

Employers struggle with attracting people aged 35 and more, Molnárová added.

The IT sector faces similar problems since about 73 percent of job applicants are younger than 34 years.

“The reason is clear: older people don’t manage IT,” Molnárová said, as quoted by SITA.

The technology and development sector faces the exact opposite problem. Up to 52 percent of applicants for a job in the field are older than 35 years.

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