Foreigners’ Police unaffected by the coronavirus

The office hours remain unchanged.

A contact centre falling under the Interior Ministry in Bratislava.A contact centre falling under the Interior Ministry in Bratislava. (Source: FB Polícia Slovenskej republiky)

The coronavirus outbreak has closed many schools and led to the cancellation of public events in Slovakia, but it has not affected the Foreigners’ Police in Slovakia.

“The Foreigners’ Police are operating under their ordinary regime,” they told The Slovak Spectator.

If circumstances change, they will promptly inform foreigners. They recommend foreigners follow instructions published on the Health Ministry website.

Ministry warns against mass visits to offices

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The Interior Ministry has meanwhile recorded a rapid increase in visits to its contact centres, where people can, for example, apply for new documents or register their car.

“We want to remind people that a day off from work and closed kindergartens and schools do not mean they should visit public offices en masse,” the ministry noted.

Instead, the ministry has urged people to avoid contact centres and other public offices, and has asked them to use an alternative way of dealing with their administrative matters by, for example, phone, e-mail, and online systems.

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