Twenty hospital employees quarantined due to hospital failure in Bratislava

A patient, later diagnosed with coronavirus, underwent examinations and stayed in the Ružinov hospital without proper measures taken.

The medical facility in Ružinov.The medical facility in Ružinov. (Source: Sme)

Twenty employees of the university hospital in Ružinov, borough of Bratislava, were quarantined on Friday, March 13, after one of the patients was diagnosed with the Covid-19 coronavirus two days after being placed at its pneumology department without necessary precautions.

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“We are very sorry about the situation, it was a failure of the human factor, in this case a doctor who did not comply with the instructions of the chief hygienist and management of the University Hospital Bratislava (UNB),” said Eva Kliská, UNB spokesperson, as cited by the Sme daily.

The patient is a businessman, who returned to Slovakia from Miami. He complained of a high fever, difficult breathing and aching muscles. He contacted Marta Hájková, the head of the pneumology department, who told him to come to the hospital in Ružinov. Contrary to this, the official instructions are to tell such patients to stay home, avoid contact with other people, and to wait for the ambulance to take him or her to the clinic of infectology of the Kramáre medical facility, where such patients should be concentrated. The patient was diagnosed with the Covid-19 the second day of his arrival in hospital, on March 11. He was transported to the clinic of infectology at Kramáre on March 12.

Kliská assured that the patient was not in contact with other patients admitted to the hospital, as he was in a separate room with its own sanitary facilities since the very beginning, March 10. Hospital staff were the most exposed to the virus.

The pneumology department of the hospital in Ružinov was partly closed and measures to protect the staff and patients taken. Its contaminated premises were allegedly already disinfected, Sme reported.

The affected medical staff will remain in quarantine for 14 days.

For now, it is not clear what disciplinary sanction would be imposed over Marta Hájková.

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