UPDATED: 15. MAR 2020, AT 19:06

17 new coronavirus cases confirmed as of Sunday evening

There are currently 61 patients diagnosed with the infection in Slovakia.

Testing the samples at the Slovak Academy of Sciences.Testing the samples at the Slovak Academy of Sciences. (Source: TASR)

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  • The number of patients in Slovakia infected with the coronavirus increased by 17, PM Peter Pellegrini confirmed on Sunday, March 15, evening. The new cases are located in Bratislava (5 cases), Trenčín Region (5 cases), Nitra (3 cases), Trnava (1 case), Banská Bystrica (1 case), Martin (1 case), and Nové Zámky (1 case). There are now altogether 61 coronavirus cases in Slovakia. 1,375 tests were negative, Pellegrini said.
  • The state will start distributing protective means for medical staff as of Monday, March 16, Pellegrini said. He also called on people who do not have masks to use some suitable alternative, like a scarf.
  • Czech Republic has reported 214 confirmed cases. A Slovak doctor working in the Břeclav hospital is one of them. (SME)
  • It takes about an hour to take samples to be tested for the coronavirus. Bratislava Mayor Matúš Vallo published a Facebook video that shows the testing process.
  • State-run railway passenger carrier ZSSK decided temporarily to put the restaurant wagons out of operation. The measure will be in place as of March 15.
  • People in Trnava, Banská Bystrica and Nitra will be allowed to use public transport only if wearing a mask, a scarf or other suitable alternative. Wearing gloves is recommended as well. (Facebook, SME)
  • Tesco retailer asks customers to be careful when shopping. Buying out some goods will means they will be unavailable for other customers. The retail chain has also changed the rules for its online shopping system. The retailer, for example, limited the number of products in certain categories to 12 pieces, while the payment will be available online only. Delivery can be booked three weeks in advance and the delivery time can be changed until 23:00 on the day before the planned delivery.
  • Lidl retailer shortened its opening hours and limited its own bakery in some shops. It has been unsuccessfully trying to get protective devices for all its employees. (Facebook)

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