Coronavirus: What does home quarantine mean?

Those breaching the rules will be fined €1,659.

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People with permanent or temporary residence living in Slovakia for more than 90 days who have returned from abroad have to stay in mandatory home quarantine for 14 days.

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People living in the same household with such people will also have to stay in quarantine, the Public Health Authority (ÚVZ) wrote on its website.

Those who breach this rule may be fined €1,659.

This stems from the measures adopted on March 13 to stop the coronavirus infection from spreading.

Contact your doctor and check your condition

At the same time, people who return from abroad are required to call or email their doctor, who then decides on home quarantine.

During quarantine, people are required to check their health condition and for symptoms accompanying the coronavirus like fever, cough and shortness of breath. If these symptoms occur, they should immediately contact their doctor and respective regional ÚVZ branch. The samples should then be taken for testing.

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Exceptions applied

People in quarantine should also avoid any social contact, travelling, educational activities (apart from e-learning courses), working (apart from home office) or other activities that require them to leave home or accept visits.

The mandatory 14-day quarantine does not concern truck drivers who enter Slovakia to transport, load and unload goods, the drivers and the crew of rescue service who transport patients, the pilots of cargo planes who remain onboard, the crew of cargo ships as well as engine drivers in cargo railway transport that enter Slovakia to transport, load and unload goods.

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