Kočner faces charges in another case

Murdered journalist Ján Kuciak was the first to point to the dubious transfers.

Marian KočnerMarian Kočner (Source: TASR)

Marian Kočner faces more charges. The police have recently accused him in the case of Technopol Servis.

The investigator of the National Criminal Agency (NAKA) brought the charges against Kočner on March 13, 2020, the Aktuality.sk news website reported.

Kuciak wrote about the case

The first to bring attention to the scandal was murdered journalist Ján Kuciak, who reported in January 2017 that the company’s property worth €20 million was transferred to the group around Kočner. He pointed to several dubious transfers of properties belonging to Technopol Servis, including plots and several spaces in the building situated in Bratislava’s borough of Petržalka.

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He also described how people with links to Kočner took control of Technopol Servis between December 2 and 8, 2016, and transferred the property owned by Technopol twice.

Kočner used to describe the reports as “schizoid” fabrications and has denied his share in taking control over the company.

The communication sent via the Threema application suggests, however, that Kočner organised the whole action, the TASR newswire reported.

More accused in the case

Apart from Kočner, the police brought charges against Jozef Dučák Sr, who acted as the chair of the board of directors in Technopol.

Dučák Sr was a witness in the case of Kuciak’s murder, where Kočner stands accused of ordering the murder, and in the case of forging the promissory notes issued for private broadcaster TV Markíza, where he has been sentenced to 19 years in prison and a financial punishment. The verdict is still not valid.

He also faces charges for bribing judges to issue verdicts in his favour.

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