Jaguar Land Rover stops production in Nitra

The last day of operation is set for March 20.

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Following the decision of two big carmakers in Slovakia, Volkswagen and PSA Peugeot, to temporarily stop production, the Nitra-based plant of Jaguar Land Rover will limit its operation.

“We will temporarily stop the production of the vehicles; the last day will be Friday, March 20,” Miroslava Remenárová from Jaguar Land Rover said, as quoted by the regional My Nitra newspaper. The decision was made by the company's management and the representatives of the trade unions.

The activities related to the start of the Defender production will continue to an inevitable extent, Remenárová added.

Trade unions wanted closure

The plants in the UK remain open, while the company is carefully monitoring the development of the overall situation.

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“We want to protect the health of our employees and our global and local business,” Remenárová said, as quoted by My Nitra.

The company does not know of any of its staff being infected with the coronavirus in the plant, she added.

The representatives of the trade unions at Jaguar Land Rover thanked the management for the decision. They expect that gradually the work in the other plants will be stopped, as Peter Mrázik, chair of the Modern Trade Unions of JLR Slovakia, wrote on Facebook.

The only carmaker in Slovakia that has not stopped its production is the Žilina-based Kia Motors Slovakia.

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