Schools will remain closed until the end of March, maybe longer

The ministry does not know if the school year will need to be stretched into July.

School-leaving exams, illustrative stock photoSchool-leaving exams, illustrative stock photo (Source: Sme)

It is still not clear how the current closure of all schools in Slovakia due to the coronavirus pandemic will influence the current school year and upcoming school-leaving exams.

Most schools in Slovakia have been closed for about a week now. In Bratislava, all schools closed as of Monday, March 10. The nationwide shutdown of schools was put in place as of March 16, to last for 14 days, until March 30.

The Education Ministry stressed that they are proceeding in line with orders of the crisis staff. On Saturday, the new government will take over and Freedom and Solidarity nominee Branislav Grohling will become the minister.

The ministry admitted it is not clear at the moment whether the school year will need to be stretched into July. The school year for primary and secondary schools normally finishes by the end of June.

Nationwide tests and exams

Spring months are also the time of school-leaving exams for secondary school students. The written tests have been postponed for March 31 - April 3.

Secondary schools will also hold talent admission exams (selected schools, such as art schools, test students in selected subjects) on postponed dates, between March 30 and April 30.

The nationwide testing of ninth-graders at primary schools remains unchanged. The tests will take place on April 1 and 2.

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