Producer of spirits modifies production: pure alcohol instead of vinegar

The plan is to supply the product to hospitals, pharmacies and producers of medical aids and disinfectants.

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The St Nicolaus company has come up with a solution to the lack of disinfectants on the market.

The Slovak producer of spirits limited vinegar production on its lines in Leopoldov (Trnava Region), replacing it with pure alcohol. It will also launch the production of liquid disinfectants, the Index magazine reported.

“Thanks to some recent changes to our production, our production line is going at its maximum technical performance, which allows us to produce 36,000 litres of pure alcohol a day,” said Andrej Hronský, CEO of St Nicolaus, as quoted by Index.

The company immediately distributes the alcohol to hospitals, the producers of medical aids, hospital suppliers, and pharmacies.

Other producers respond too

At the same time, the company launched the production of alcohol-based liquid disinfectants, which it will supply to hospitals and pharmacies, as well as the producers of disinfectants.

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St Nicolaus will deliver pure alcohol for disinfection of retirement houses for free. In the first phase, they should receive about 1,000 litres.

The company has changed its production until further notice, and is ready to limit spirits production if necessary.

Other producers are responding to the current situation by modifying their production. This includes Zornica Banko Fashion from Bánovce nad Bebravou and Tatrasvit-Socks, which started sewing masks.

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