Ancient coins in the east, “Rubberneck” in the west

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Tourists climb up a ladder in the national park Slovenský raj. Tourists climb up a ladder in the national park Slovenský raj. (Source: TASR)


No wonder Slovenský raj (Slovak Paradise) was declared one of Slovakia’s national parks in 1988. It is dotted with hundreds of caves, including Dobšinská ľadová jaskyňa (Dobšinská Ice Cave), and waterfalls. The national park provides tourists with a few tourist resorts, bike trails and kilometres of hiking trails. See a gallery from the hike from Podlesok to Kláštorisko and Malý Kyseľ.


White storks have nested in Zemplínske Hradište

There are about 20 nests in the village near Trebišov. The Zemplín region is witnessing the extensive migration of storks and cranes. The area is a significant ornithological locality.

A pyramid attracting tourists to be removed from Súľov hill

The Visual Pyramid, a piece of art by Juraj Gábor placed on a hill near Bytča, has lured tourists since late 2015. However, it will be taken down this autumn.

Brezno to open a communism museum in a former cake shop

The museum should be opened this May. It will be housed in a former cake shop. Exhibits from the sixties up to the nineties will be on display.

Slovakia’s most photographed man comes from Bratislava

Čumil or “Rubberneck” is a statue of a man whose head sticks out of a manhole. It was designed by Viktor Hulík. Tourists can find him at the intersection of Laurinská and Panská.

A treasure trove of coins in a ceramic mug uncovered in Obišovce

Archaeologists discovered it under the original stone floor close to the western entrance of the church in the village near Košice. The hoard consists of more than 500 coins dating back to 1702.


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Belianske Tatry, a spectacular mountain range set in the eastern part of the High Tatras, was closed to tourists in 1978, but a few parts remain open. Sergei and Ingrid will take listeners on a hike to these hills. It will start in the picturesque village of Ždiar. Listen to their adventures in the latest Spectacular Slovakia episode. Image: TASR


It enters the room through a window, but the window never opens. What is it?



Ivan Hronec: The Japanese set a good example for us

He is screening one of the world's best films in his cinema but he had to shut it down due to COVID-19. What should we learn from this pandemic?

Throwback: Hotel Carlton has hosted prominent guests for many years

The hotel, which goes back to the 13th century, dominates Bratislava’s Hviezdoslav Square with its majestic façade. Did you know that Beat poet Allen Ginsberg stayed in the hotel?

What to watch while self-quarantining at home

Cinemas have temporarily closed, so people are relying on the content offered by streaming services such as Netflix and HBO. Have you seen the documentary McMillions?

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Trnava-based carmaker will be the first auto producer to return to its pre-crisis operation.

PM Igor Matovič

Fico or Pellegrini? Former prime ministers fight to lead Smer

Pellegrini departure would mean further radicalisation of party, warns analyst.

Peter Pellegrini (left) and Robert Fico (right)

The European Commission wants to see more medical workers in Slovakia

The EC has issued recommendations for Slovakia to overcome the crisis.

L. Pasteur University Hospital in Košice

Gabčík and Kubiš were taken in by an English family while they prepared for the assassination of Heydrich

The Ellisons had no idea about Operation Anthropoid, which resulted in the assassination of the main Holocaust architect by Czechoslovak paratroopers.

The administrator of the Porchester Gate building in London, where the Czechoslovak military intelligence service was based during the Second World War and where secret agents planned Operation Anthropoid, shows photos of the event's executors - Jan Kubiš and Jozef Gabčík.