How popular is Yogi in Yellowstone National Park?

Go on an adventure promising wild moments, including a selfie with bison.

A hot spring in the Yellowstone National Park. A hot spring in the Yellowstone National Park. (Source: Pixabay)

It has been a few years since she decided to spend her summer in the USA, hoping for a job at a beach while having fun with three of her friends. She made it to the USA but ended up in quite an unusual workplace: Yellowstone National Park.

She has no regrets, even though she didn’t get to meet Yogi the Bear.

“Yellowstone is something awesome,” Soňa Kolenčíková says in the podcast.

Bringing World to the Classroom tells you all you need to know about the programme in short and Kolenčíková’s experiences. Why should students set out on an adventure in the Mountain States? Find out below.

EXAM TOPIC: Travelling

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