Coronavirus updates from Slovakia: Flights cancelled until Easter

Check out the recent reports on the coronavirus situation in Slovakia from March 27-29.

A vending machine in Prievidza now sells masks.A vending machine in Prievidza now sells masks. (Source: TASR)

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  • The government adopted an extension of national emergency for social services as well. The ban on exercising the right for strike has been broadened to some employees.
  • The Transport Ministry extended the ban on civil flights until at least April 10.
  • Chair of the Public Procurement Office (ÚVO) Miroslav Hlivák and his wife were positively diagnosed with the coronavirus on March 29. (TASR)
  • The police have recorded 803 quarantine violations, 218 violations of the ban on opening restaurant facilities, two cases of spreading false rumours, and three cases of spreading contagious disease, said Interior Minister Roman Mikulec. (TA3)
  • Transit to Slovakia through the Czech Republic after March 30 will be available only with a valid verbal note. Slovaks who plan to cross the Czech borders on their way to Slovakia are required to ask the Slovak embassy situated in the country where they live for the note no later than 48 hours before their journey. The transit should be very quick with necessary stops only, and people have to wear masks.
  • Hungarian Foreign Affairs Minister Péter Szijjártó and Slovak Economy Minister Richard Sulík agreed on the partial reopening of the Šiatorská Bukovinka-Somoskőújfalu border crossing. The closure caused several problems to people travelling to work in the border areas, said Szijjártó. (SME)
  • Students from France, Germany and Portugal who were in Slovakia through exchange programmes were transported back home by Slovak buses on March 28. There were 36 French, 40 German and 10 Portugal students within the Erasmus programme. (SITA)
  • VÚB, ČSOB, UniCredit Bank, Prima Banka and Tatra Banka have limited the access of entrepreneurs to loans, and some have even significantly changed conditions for new mortgages. As a result, some self-proprietors and people with a foreign income may face problems taking out a loan. (Denník N)
  • Volkswagen Slovakia will extend its suspension on production in all three of its plants in Slovakia until Easter. The reason is the continual drop in the demand for cars and restrictions in the supply network. At the same time, the company is working on an extensive package of measures to protect its staff from infection after the production is restored.
  • The respiration machines purchased by the state will go to nine hospitals, with more than half being given to the University Hospital Bratislava. Some have already arrived, while others are expected in late March. The last deliveries are scheduled for May and June. (Denník N)
  • The town of Prievidza (Trenčín Region) launched the sale of masks in one of its vending machines on March 28. People can also buy disinfection there.
  • The Chemosvit company from Svit (Prešov Region) launched the production of masks, using silver enriched polypropylene fibres that are more prone to viruses and bacteria than other synthetic or natural fibres. It is produced by the Fibrochem company.
  • Free train transport for pupils and students will be suspended from April 1, the ZSSK railway passenger carrier stated.

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