Businesses can request aid as of Monday

The Labour Ministry has presented a system of aid for entrepreneurs.

A haberdashery in Košice.A haberdashery in Košice. (Source: TASR)

Slovakia's entrepreneurs who have lost income due to the coronavirus will be able to request financial aid from the state as of Monday, April 6.

For those who have had to close their businesses due to the anti-pandemic measures, the request form will be available as of Monday at 12:00. Employers and the self-employed who have lost part of their revenues due to the coronavirus measures will be able to request the aid as of Wednesday, April 8, also at 12:00, the TASR newswire reported.

The websites where the form will be available are and

State could start sending money on April 15

"The two websites will feature the same content and will be regularly updated based on the situation and the needs [that will arise]," Labour Minister Milan Krajniak of Sme Rodina told the press conference on Sunday. The phone numbers of the call centre will also be published on the websites.

As of April 14, the labour offices will start sending agreements to those who request the aid. Entrepreneurs will be able to send the signed forms back electronically or sign them in person at their respective labour offices within 24 hours.

The state will start sending money to those who ask for it as of April 15.

The labour minister called on entrepreneurs to state true data in their requests, to avoid sanctions in the future, including criminal ones.

Krajniak also asked for patience, since the state expects about 250,000 aid requests.

Big companies to get aid too

Big employers will also be able to request state help. Krajniak admitted.

"On Friday, April 3, the respective EU bodies ruled that we do not have to apply the upper limit for aid [at €200,000]. We will have this confirmed in some kind of formal process, and during the next week we will decide how to provide the stated or similar aid to employers with more than 250 employees," Krajniak said as quoted by TASR.

He said that the big employers can request aid under the current rules, but only for up to 250 employees.

Krajniak said the government is also negotiating with employers about introducing another form of help, the so-called kurzarbeit, as it is known in Germany.

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