The sale of certain respirators in Slovakia has been banned

There will be some exceptions.

FFP3 respiratorFFP3 respirator (Source: SITA)

Ordinary people in Slovakia will not be able to buy FFP2 and FFP3 type respirators.

They will be sold only to specific people and authorities, according to the law on special measures adopted to prevent the spread of the coronavirus in the health sector passed by MPs on April 3.

The law was supported by 104 MPs present, the TASR newswire reported.

Suspension of sales

The law stipulates that the FFP2 and FFP3 type respirators will be sold only to:

  • health care providers;
  • medical workers;
  • state administration and self-government bodies;
  • people authorised to secure these respirators for others or perform works that require the use of these respirators.

The exception also applies to:

  • people with a valid agreement to examine dead bodies with the Health Care Surveillance Authority (ÚDSZ), the provider of funerals and the employees of the ÚDSZ’s forensic and pathology departments;
  • people whose health condition requires them to wear the respirators.

The Health Ministry will update the list of diagnoses requiring FFP2 and FFP3 type respirators.

If people are caught selling these types of respirators to third parties, they will be fined €500 to €1,000. The fine for legal entities may be €1,000-€10,000.

More powers for the ministry

The law also enables the Health Ministry’s collective bodies to adopt some decisions per rollam.

It will also be possible to issue some special measures to protect public health and drug policy. The Health Ministry will be able to, for example, stop the export or limit the dispensing of certain non-prescribed medication, medical aids, medical aids used for in vitro diagnostics or dietetic food, TASR reported.

The law limits some required medical examinations related to work a well.

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