What can I do during Easter? (FAQ)

Can I go shopping or refuel in another district? Can a driver not wearing a mask be fined? Find the answers.

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Can I go shopping or refuel in another district?

No. An inhabitant of Stupava that is only two kilometres away from Bratislava would have to go shopping either in his/her own town or Malacky, which is 19 kilometres away.

If there is no shop where they sell goods you need (for example, food-intolerance groceries) in the given district, you can go shopping in another district. However, you should show a receipt on your way back.

Police stated that people can go shopping to another district if a shop in their own district is about 30 kilometres away, and is much closer in a neighbouring district.

Is it possible to go shopping in a shop other than groceries and drugstore?

No. Besides groceries, drugstores, pharmacies and shops with pet essentials, all other shops are closed.

Can a person travel to work in another district?

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Yes, but they have to show a job contract, a self-employed certificate or a confirmation from their employer that their presence in the workplace is necessary.

Can a driver who is not wearing a mask in a car be fined by police officers?

People are obliged to wear a mask or cover their mouth and nose with another textile material when in a public space. Police cannot fine a driver for not wearing a mask in a car. However, if a driver gets out of the car, he/she should put on a mask.

Is it possible to go for a walk in one’s own garden?

Yes, but a person should show a property deed of the garden. This also applies for a chalet in the district where a person has permanent residence.

Will police fine people for the unintentional crossing of the district border in the forest?

No. However, a tourist will be notified by the guard about crossing the border. Such a situation may arise in Pezinská Baba, which is located at the border of the districts of Pezinok and Malacky.

Is it possible to go to a doctor or a health-care facility in another district?

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It is possible only when it is an urgent matter or when a person who accompanies their relatives, such as a parent, child, sibling, or partners.

Is it possible to enter a church at least when there will be no masses?

Public masses are cancelled during Easter. Masses will be private and priests may stream them online. During a private mass, people cannot enter the church.

However, churches will be open when there will not be masses. People can enter them with covered faces, with disinfected hands and gloves. People have to stay at least two metres from each other and the number of people inside cannot be more than one person for 25 square metres.

Will trains and buses commute normally during the restriction?

Trains of the state-run railway carrier ZSSK will follow the timetable that has been valid since mid-March. Police will check travellers at train stations, so getting into a train may take longer than usual.

IC trains have been cancelled due to the coronavirus crisis since mid-March. ZSSK will refund the full price of a travel ticket if a person bought it earlier, but will not be allowed to travel due to the restrictions.

Public transport and other buses are set by regional and local municipalities individually. Public transport in Bratislava commutes according to valid schedules, while buses operated by the Slovak Lines company in Bratislava will follow the Saturday timetable, and holiday timetable during the national holidays.

Košice transport provider Eurobus stopped suburban transport from Friday to Monday in the territory of the Košice Region.

When will shops be open?

Kaufland and Tesco will be open on Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday from 7:00 to 21:00. On Friday, Sunday and Monday, they will be closed as it is national holiday. Lidl will work similarly, but will opens its shops 30 minutes earlier. Coop Jednota shops will have individual opening hours.

What are the fines for breaking the movement restriction measures?

Police can fine those who breach the measures with €1,659. A fine for not wearing a mask in public amounts to €1,000.


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