Roundup: Virus does not impede Slovaks’ creativity

Artists create from their bedrooms, others repair castles.

The Adventures of Junshi and Stillborn 2 The Adventures of Junshi and Stillborn 2 (Source: Erik Šille)


Erik Šille created his artwork titled The Adventures of Junshi and Stillborn 2 back in 2013. Not knowing then how relevant it would become in 2020, he posted it in the CoronART Facebook group on March 16. CoronART is an online gallery, open to artists and art lovers, that brings people together during these times of self-isolation.


Považie castles under repair while closed due to COVID-19
Although their owners are losing money, they have decided to invest money and time into repairing ancient castles. Beckov, Trenčín and Čachtice are all located in the Trenčín Region.

Štefánik’s tomb closed during the pandemic
The pyramid on Bradlo Hill, in which General Milan Rastislav Štefánik is buried, is closed while coronavirus measures are in place. The frequently-visited tomb can be found near the town of Brezová pod Bradlom.

Bratislava’s Old Town Hall draws new visitors every year
The Town Hall, which dominates the Main Square, houses many exhibitions. However, it is its inner courtyard and the tower that attract tourists most, either for events or a stunning view from the top.

See the view from Girl’s Rock
The hill, located in national park Slovak Karst, offers tourists views of the Rožňava Valley, which spreads out in between Slovak Karst and Volovec Mountains. Visitors can even observe the Tatras if the weather is nice.

Online English tours to help tourists discover Bratislava
The Bratislava Tourism Board has introduced online guided tours of the capital to support local sites. Tourists will not only learn fun facts and legends but will also get to explore spots usually closed to people.


The coronavirus prevents people in Slovakia from enjoying Easter holidays in the way they are used to. Although we all have to reduce our movement outside, we can still celebrate and prepare ourselves for Easter. Canadian Naomi Hužovičová has some tips for Easter meals and shares her opinion on the controversial whipping of girls by boys on Easter Monday. Photo: TASR


Solidarity is the way.



The coronavirus is becoming a well of inspiration for artists
A lady carrying a Lidl bag, people in facemasks and little figures imprisoned in bottles: The virus and quarantine have not stopped Slovak artists’ creativity. Galleries have closed temporarily, but a Facebook online gallery has been founded instead to support artistry.

Humpback whales win a Slovak photographer an award
Photographer Filip Kulisev has been awarded a Golden Camera by the Federation of European Professional Photographers. The jury praised three of his photographs, which were taken in Antarctica, New Zealand and China. Look at the winning pictures in the story.

Choir members record an unofficial Slovak anthem from homes
Aká si mi krásna (How Beautiful You Are) by Eugen Suchoň, an unofficial Slovak anthem, was recorded online by the Technik STU Choir. One of the choir members said the song is fitting for the coronavirus situation, explaining the song talks about the feeling of isolation.

NASA publishes another photo of Slovinský’s online
Photographer Tomáš Slovinský’s work Country Sky versus City Sky features six adjacent vertical segments taken from different places in Slovakia during the same time of night. The photo shows how dark skies are disappearing from the Earth. NASA posted it on April 8.

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