Bratislava’s Nové Mesto puts off pilot parking project due to coronavirus

The borough wants to avoid unnecessary concentrations of people.

Parking is problematic in several boroughs of BratislavaParking is problematic in several boroughs of Bratislava (Source: Sme)

The borough of Bratislava Nové Mesto is postponing the launch of its pilot parking project in the area around Tehelné Pole due to the COVID-19 virus. The regulation launching the pilot residential parking scheme in the area was to have become effective from May 1.

“Nowadays it is necessary to avoid having a lot of people concentrated in one place,” said Rudolf Kusý, mayor of Nové Mesto borough. “And the registration of residents and issuance of parking permits would bring just such a risk of increased movement and possible spread of the virus.”

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Therefore, the borough will only start the process after the epidemiological situation improves. But given the current situation, the project cannot be expected to start earlier than after the summer holidays. Nevertheless, the borough is continuing with preparations for the pilot project that will become part of the city-wide parking policy. Nové Mesto borough is preparing and implementing all necessary software, material, personnel measures and is also painting parking lines in the pilot zone.

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Once launched, people will be able to park in the zone without restrictions during the day, but from 18:00 until 8:00 next day only holders of resident, visitor, bonus and subscriber parking permits will be authorised to park in the zone. Citizens with a disability will be able to park under the same conditions as now. Parking will be possible only in marked parking places, not on sidewalks. People will be able to pay the parking fee via mobile app, SMS or at the parkomat.

The Bratislava city-wide parking policy is scheduled to start as of January 1, 2021. The Petržalka borough introduced its own pilot parking policy in November last year and the Ružinov borough regulated the 500 Bytov zone close to Mlynské Nivy at the beginning of this year.

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