Coronavirus closes retirement home in Pezinok (news digest)

Jaguar Land Rover will not restore its production after Easter. The overview of news from April 10-13.

Clients and staff of the retirement home in Pezinok have been tested positively for the coronavirus.Clients and staff of the retirement home in Pezinok have been tested positively for the coronavirus. (Source: TASR)

This is your overview of news from April 10-13.
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Coronavirus in Slovakia (updates)

- The number of people positive with coronavirus has grown to 769. The country has also reported 107 people who have recovered from the disease. See detailed statistics here.

- Five employees and 42 clients of the retirement home in Pezinok (Bratislava Region) have been positively tested for the coronavirus. Altogether 78 clients and 25 staff members have been tested so far, while a further 36 employees and nine patients are expected to be tested soon. Seven patients have been hospitalised in the University Hospital in Bratislava, four of them with positive tests. One patient has been put on artificial lung ventilation. Health Minister Marek Krajčí expects the number of people from the retirement home positive with the coronavirus will increase. Meanwhile, a protection zone has been created around the building.

Clients have been looked after; everybody has a separate room.

Bratislava Region’s Governor Juraj Droba on the situation in Pezinok

- A cargo plane from China has delivered more than 20 tonnes of medical material to Slovakia, including protective clothes, FF2P respirators, surgical masks and gloves. The armed forces have been delivering to hospitals and stores. (TASR)

Coronavirus measures in Slovakia

- Austria has introduced medical checks on the borders with the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Foreigners coming to the borders will have to show a confirmation from a doctor that they are not infected with the virus. Austrians and people with the permanent residence in the country will have to remain in home quarantine for two weeks. Austria still allows transition through the country without any stopping and international haulage.

- The police detained a 38-year-old woman from Bratislava who escaped from the state quarantine centre in Poprad and tried to return to Austria on April 11. She was transported to the police station in Petržalka and has been accused of violating duties during the crisis situation. If she is found guilty, she can face up to two years in prison. (Police Corps)

- The University Hospital in Martin (Žilina Region) has identified 109 beds for the so-called red zones. These will be used by patients positive with the coronavirus who would require medical treatment in the following weeks. (SITA)

- The Health Ministry will pay more nearly €9.2 million, including VAT for 300 lung ventilators from the Chirana Medical company. It will supply the state with four various types of the device worth €27,000-€34,000 a piece. The ministry has been given a 4-percent discount and three-year guarantee for the devices. Chirana will deliver the first 40 ventilators until the end of April. (SITA)

- The validity of IDs that will expire during the coronavirus pandemic has been extended. This applies also to the validity of the doctor’s examination required for obtaining a driving licence, medical and mental certificates, driving licences, and special registration plates. (TASR)

Coronavirus in business (updates)

- Nitra-based carmaker Jaguar Land Rover will not resume production after Easter, without specifying a date of potential opening of the plant. The company temporarily suspended its production on March 20. (SITA)

- Piešťany spa has dismissed about 60 people, while the remaining employees receive only 60 percent of their salary. The spa and its hotels had to be closed due to the coronavirus, for the first time in their history. (TASR)

- Leasing companies have already detected clients who struggle with paying their installments. Meanwhile, a law enabling people to delay their installments came into force. In the case of companies other than banks that offer loans, it will be possible to postpone the duty by three months, with the clients being able to defer them another three months. This measure includes mostly leasing companies, companies offering hire purchases and other creditors having a licence to offer consumer loans. (TASR)

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