Roundup: Hiking in a military area, Pohoda held off

Vihorlat in eastern Slovakia is a nice peak of 1,076 metres, but it is located in the military area Valaškovce.

Pohoda Festival will not take place in July 2020 for the coronavirus.Pohoda Festival will not take place in July 2020 for the coronavirus. (Source: TASR)


Slovakia’s biggest music festival, Pohoda, has been postponed to 2021, its organisers confirmed on April 15. The festival takes place every July at Trenčín airport, but COVID-19 has led to its postponement. Listen to the Spectacular Slovakia podcast that features Michal Kaščák, the festival founder. He explains why they made the decision to postpone now, how it will affect the festival, and if all festivals in Europe are facing a similar fate.


What do the High Tatras look like from Liptov?

See the photos of the snow-covered High Tatras from the Liptov region, more specifically from the area of the Háj-Nicovô military cemetery near Liptovský Mikuláš. The valley looks picturesque, doesn’t it?

The Defence Ministry website is a must before a Vihorlat climb

Along with hills, the Vihorlat Mountains provide tourists with a primeval beech forest, castles, and lakes. But to climb Vihorlat peak, tourists need to first check if there is a military exercise going on as it is part of a military area.

A new water slide to be constructed near Rimavská Sobota

Apart from the water slide, several swimming pools are under construction. The complex of outdoor swimming pools was scheduled to open in June, but this could change due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Walk up Brzotín Rocks and enjoy spectacular views

The Brzotínske Rocks at the northern edge of Silická Planina in Slovak Karst national park above Brzotín village offer gorgeous views. Tourists can see the Rožňavská basin, which lies between Slovak Karst and Volovské Mountains.


Jorge Mancero volunteers at the European Youth Centre KERIC in Čadca, northern Slovakia, alongside other global volunteers. (Source: FB KERIC)

Jorge Mancero comes from Ecuador’s capital, Quito, and helps locals in the town of Čadca, northern Slovakia, as one of several international volunteers at the European Youth Centre KERIC. He claims Ecuadorians are like avocados and Slovaks like watermelons. Listen to the latest Spectacular Slovakia episode to find out why.


This is the time when the state should show it is not just an institution but a community.

Pohoda Festival founder Michal Kaščák discusses the postponement of the festival in the Spectacular Slovakia podcast


Barabáš: Viruses come along with migration and travels

Slovak explorer and documentary filmmaker Pavol Barabáš claims all people regardless of their background are scared of the unknown. He thinks the world should learn how to live with the coronavirus. The explorer once got malaria in South America.

Pohoda, the biggest Slovak music festival, deferred to 2021

The festival will not take place at Trenčín airport in 2020 but will move to the online space due to COVID-19. Listen to the exclusive podcast with Pohoda creator Michal Kaščák, who provides all the necessary info regarding the famous festival.

THROWBACK: Politicians do not respect citizens, Kronerová said in 2018

Slovak award-winning actor Zuzana Kronerová, born on April 17, won a Czech Lion for her role in the film Ice Mother back in 2018. It was only a few weeks after the murder of journalist Ján Kuciak and his fiancée. How did she perceive Slovakia at that time?

The next Spectacular Slovakia Weekly will be published on April 24, 2020.

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