Movement increased in Slovakia before Easter. Apple tool shows their movements

Apple and Google join to create a tracking tool.

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The Apple software company launched a tool that reveals changes in the movement of people related to the coronavirus pandemic. They gain information from users of Mapy (Maps) app.

The tool can be found on the company's website. It shows how fewer people go for walk, drive or use public transport compared to January 13, when there were no strict measures imposed, the Sme daily reported.

Anonymous data

Data from 63 countries, including Slovakia, is included. On April 14, more than 30 percent less people drove, 50 percent less people went for a walk and 60 percent less used public transport.

The graph also showed that shortly before Easter, there was a steep increase mainly in driving and walking, followed soon after by a steep drop. People's behaviour mirrored temporarily imposed stricter measures during the holidays.

The company promises that the privacy of people is maintained. Information is gained by counting the number of searches in navigation. Data is not connected with the identity of the user. It also does not have any records about which places were visited so it is not possible to identify the user.

“Information would be available only during the pandemic of COVID-19,” Apple wrote on its website.

Google and Apple to join

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Google launched a similar tool at the beginning of April, but there are differences. The solution by Apple has fewer countries available to choose and there is no data about individual regions, unlike Google. It also shows only three types of movement.

On the other hand, it can be downloaded in a new tab and shows daily movements.

Google also shows visits to parks and shops. Both companies announced that they will connect to develop tracking technology based on Bluetooth, which should tell users when he or she was in contact with an infected person.

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