NGOs called on the government to support the green renewal of Europe

It is time to invest in health and quality of life.

Ján Budaj, Environment MinisterJán Budaj, Environment Minister (Source: SITA)

The representatives of seven climate-oriented organisations have called on PM Igor Matovič (OĽaNO) to support the sustainable economic renewal of Europe based on the European Green Deal.

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The PM is expected to attend the session of the parliamentary European issues committee on April 22 to inform it about the negotiations of the European Council held the next day. One of the topics is the renewal of the economy.

“If we have learned anything during the coronavirus crisis, it is listening to the experts and scientists,” said Lucia Szabová from the Znepokojené Matky (Concerned Mothers) initiative, as quoted by the TASR newswire. “Together with early and courageous solutions, they can prevent the worst scenarios.”

The climate crisis impacts a wide scale of sectors such as energy, traffic, agriculture, construction, education system and health care. It is an urgent global problem and it is necessary to deal with it across all departments and at the international level, the signatories stressed.

Among the NGOs that have addressed the prime minister are the Budovy pre Budúcnosť (Buildings for Future) platform, the Extinction Rebellion Slovakia, the Fridays For Future Slovakia, Greenpeace Slovakia, the Friends of the Earth-CEPA, the Slovak Climate Initiative and Concerned Mothers.

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Investments to health and quality of life

Climate-oriented measures have a positive impact on employment, savings for citizens, innovations and development of regions, NGOs stressed.

When investing in the reconstruction of buildings, renewable energy sources or the development of ecological mobility, the government should know that its value will be used for several generations and it would be reflected in health and the quality of life of ordinary people, they added.

“One of the many examples is the data from the newest report of the International Renewable Energy Agency,” said Juraj Melichár of Friends of the Earth-CEPA, as quoted by TASR.

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The strategy suggests that every single euro invested in clean energy in accordance with the Paris Agreement will bring €3 to €8 of advantages and will create, also in the context of the coronacrisis, 47 million vacancies more and increase GDP by 2.4 percent until 2050 in comparison to the current economic plans.

Also, the quality of life should improve by 13.5 percent, mostly by decreasing air pollution, Melichár added.

Environment Minister Ján Budaj (OĽaNO) has supported the initiative for green renewal of Europe and European Green Deal.

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