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UPDATED: Kočner told Tóth that he had bribed General Prosecutor Čižnár

The police began prosecution in 2019. A special prosecutor cancelled it soon after.

General Prosecutor Jaromír Čižnár. General Prosecutor Jaromír Čižnár. (Source: Sme)

We have added the reaction of General Prosecutor Jaromír Čižnár below.

Marian Kočner, a mobster who faces charges of ordering the murder of journalist Ján Kuciak, told his former friend Peter Tóth that he bribed General Prosecutor Jaromír Čižnár in the past.

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Tóth, a journalist-turned-spy who also gathered information on journalists for Kočner, told investigators that Kočner told him how he used to bribe Čižnár when he served from 2004 to 2013 as a regional prosecutor in Bratislava, prior to being elected the General Prosecutor in 2012.

The police questioned Tóth in relation to the Búrka (Storm) case on April 22, within which several judges with links to Kočner have been charged with corruption.

“All the claims made by Peter Tóth are nonsense,” the General Prosecutor’s Office spokesperson Andrea Predajňová said, as quoted by the Denník N daily. She added Tóth’s statements can be easily verified at the Bratislava Regional Prosecutor’s Office.

The National Criminal Agency (NAKA) is handling the case even though criminal prosecution was cancelled last year.

Alleged bribery

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Tóth told the police that Kočner had visited Čižnár, when serving as the regional prosecutor, in his Bratislava house several times. Kočner also claimed to Tóth that he had supported Čižnár’s son, financially, in playing tennis.

“Kočner claimed that he had other ways to be used against Čižnár and one of them was an alleged bribe of 500,000 Slovak crowns [almost €17,000],” Tóth said, as quoted by Denník N. He added Čižnár was to reportedly receive it from a lawyer in exchange for the cancellation of some criminal prosecution.

Čižnár has said, through his spokesperson, that Tóth is a former secret agent who is trying to further discredit him as the General Prosecutor. Based on Tóth’s testimony, Kočner was however sentenced to 19 years in prison in the case of TV Markíza promissory notes.

The General Prosecutor went on to note Kočner was not satisfied with his work. The businessman was also considering, at some point, having Čižnár put under surveillance, which Tóth confirmed to the police.

NAKA’s investigation

The National Criminal Agency has confirmed it is dealing with Tóth’s testimony, featuring information about Čižnár.

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Criminal prosecution in this regard was initiated on October 21, 2019, as there was a suspicion of bribery having been committed by a public official. Nonetheless, the Special Prosecutor’s Office abolished the prosecution on November 8 of the same year.

“More procedural steps need to be taken before criminal proceedings can be instituted,” the police said, as quoted by Denník N.

They added the alleged criminal activity had happened in the past and information is incomplete and mediated only.

Čižnár alleges lies

General Prosecutor Jaromír Čižnárlabelled the allegations made in the article by Denník N lies and manipulation.

“All the claims of Peter Tóth that reporter [Monika Tódová] presents as the truth are non-sense,” Čižnár’s spokesperson Andrea Predajňová wrote to The Slovak Spectator.

In regards to the 500,000-crown bribe from businessman Slavomír H. that Tóth alleged, Predajňová cited the statement of the Bratislava Regional Prosecutor’s Office as follows: the Malacky-based prosecutor who was assigned the case concluded that the deed described by the victim fulfilled the qualification of the crime of bodily harm. Slavomír H. then confessed to having committed the crime of domestic violence and the prosecutor subsequently halted the criminal prosecution. The case file contains no decision or document signed by Čižnár and all the addressed prosecutors denied that Čižnár would contact them over the Slavomír H. case.

As for why the Special Prosecutor’s Office scrapped the criminal prosecution in this case, Čižnár’s spokesperson noted that the prosecutor in question reasoned with the fact that the criminal prosecution was only based on allegations made by Peter Toth, who repeated second-hand information from Kočner and admitted that he did not know whether it was true or not.

Predajňová thus concluded that the Denník N reporter “has joined the efforts to discredit the general prosecutor”, using “nothing but the claims of the controversial Peter Tóth”.

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