Roundup: Soviet tanks in the Death Valley serve as a warning

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The sign "Death Valley" (Údolie smrti) can be found near the settlement of Kružlová, eastern Slovakia.The sign "Death Valley" (Údolie smrti) can be found near the settlement of Kružlová, eastern Slovakia. (Source: TASR)


Slovakia has its own Death Valley alongside the Kapišovka stream, which winds through nine settlements in the Svidník District, eastern Slovakia. People gave the area its name for brutal battles held here in October 1944, during World War II. Up to 11,000 soldiers died here. The area houses several Soviet T-34/85 tanks scattered around to serve as a memento for generations to come. A big sign can be found on a hill near the settlement of Kružlová.


The Franciscan Church bell told pubs to close

The Franciscan Church, part of the Franciscan monastery, is the oldest religious building in Bratislava’s Old Town. The church, the monastery and its garden belong to Franciscan monks. Mass is held daily in both Slovak and Hungarian. Listen to the podcast about Bratislava.

Social-distancing tourists climb to Green Glacier Lake

The popular hiking destination in the High Tatras is experiencing fewer tourists during the coronavirus crisis. Look at photos of a snowy hike to the Chalet by Green Glacier Lake and have a listen to the podcast.

Ski resort in Jasná stores snow for the next season

The storage of snow takes place at the locality Koliesko. This experiment began in 2018 and since most of the snow lasted until the next winter, they decided to continue. The ski resort hopes the collected snow will help to kick off the next winter season earlier.

Spectacular views from Brekov Castle

This castle in eastern Slovakia was named after a nearby village. Although it was built for defensive purposes, tourists and locals walk to the top of it for spectacular views.


A medieval castle on a hill in Častá was turned into an extensive fortress, which has been preserved until today. Red Stone Castle (Červený Kameň), a 45-minute drive away from Bratislava, now serves as a furniture museum. However, that's just the start of it. It also includes cinematic cellars, Sala Terrena (in the picture) and a replica of one of Michelangelo’s pieces. Listen to the episode to learn more.


When we get through this, the most helpful thing would be to not underestimate but rather highlight the role of culture.

Zuzana Ďuricová Hájková, head of the theatre Divadlo Štúdio tanca in Banská Bystrica


Experts re-explore buried medieval corridors in the west

A network of underground corridors and cellars spreads below the main square in Nové Mesto nad Váhom. People used them to protect themselves against bad weather and enemies. The first round of research was conducted in 1938 prior to a construction boom.

Slovak artists: We’re not rich and spoiled celebrities. We need help

As soon as they wrote a letter to ask for help amid the coronavirus crisis, some members of the public shamed them. A group of 11 artists and people linked to Slovak culture explain what they need and how badly the coronavirus has hit them. Some are prepared to take up jobs in stores.

A greylag goose nested at the Orava Dam for the first time

Greylag goose for the first time ever nested at the Bird Island at Orava Dam in Námestovo.Ornithologists opined that it is a rarity in the mountainous region. People will soon be able to watch water birds online.

Foreigners have contributed to the reconstruction of a Jewish cemetery

Vandals destroyed a Jewish cemetery in Námestovo towards the end of last year. Dozens of tombstones are now back. People from over the world supported its reconstruction. Money will be used for the installation of a CCTV system.

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