2019 ratings: TV Markíza the most watched, Nový Čas the top daily

Slovaks favoured TV over radio and the press.

A survey has shown the tabloid Nový Čas was the most read daily of 2019.A survey has shown the tabloid Nový Čas was the most read daily of 2019. (Source: TASR)

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Slovaks watch TV more frequently than they listen to radio or read print, the national survey MML-TGI 2019 has found.

The Slovak company MEDIAN SK said 3.3 million viewers watched TV regularly in 2019, bringing the total viewership of all channels to 74 percent. Radio stations came second with a listenership of 58 percent.

The least followed traditional medium was national dailies with a total readership of 30 percent. The survey did not monitor dailies’ websites and other forms of media.

The data published in early March 2020 was based on the answers of 8,353 respondents and was collected from January to December 2019.

Dominance of tabloids

This survey has shown the tabloid Nový Čas was the most read daily; 14 percent claimed they read Nový Čas. Another tabloid, Plus jeden deň, finished second with 6 percent, which is the same figure as the broadsheet Pravda in third place.

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Other national quality newspapers included Sme (5 percent), Šport (4 percent), and Hospodárske noviny and Denník N with a readership of 3 percent each.

With a listenership of 18 percent in 2019, the private Rádio Expres was once again the most popular radio station, closely followed by the public station Rádio Slovensko with 16 percent. The privately-owned Fun Rádio came third with 10 percent.

A radio-focused survey by MEDIAN SK from late March 2020 found every radio listener spends on average 3 hours 30 minutes a day listening to radio.

TV Markíza ahead of others

The private TV channel Markíza also maintained its number-one position in 2019; its share on the media market reached 32 percent, followed by TV JOJ with 20 percent and the public-service channel Jednotka with 13 percent.

Jednotka, however, provided the most trustworthy TV news between October and December 2019, a MEDIAN SK survey published in February 2020 revealed. The public-service broadcasting company RTVS thus overcame TV Markíza’s news programmes after more than a year.

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