Some districts might ease restrictions slower than others

Economists endorse the regional principle in terms of Slovakia's exit strategy from COVID-19 measures.

Economists met with the prime minister and the finance minister to discuss the opening of the economy. Economists met with the prime minister and the finance minister to discuss the opening of the economy. (Source: TASR)

Lifting anti-coronavirus measures may look different regionally or locally in Slovakia.

It will depend on how the COVID-19 epidemic develops in Slovak regions, said PM Igor Matovič following the Friday economy crisis staff session.

"If a district is doing well, then it can continue on to the next stage and proceed with opening more shops or lifting hygienic standards," he explained, as quoted by the SITA newswire.

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Matovič said they have pondered setting the criteria of the daily increase in coronavirus infections per districts rather than for the country as a whole. Currently, the exit strategy for Slovakia is based on a countrywide number - the median daily increase of new infections for the given week must be 100 or fewer.

If a district "is not doing well" in terms of new infections, the shops in that district would remain closed, Matovič said.

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Economist Ján Tóth specified that the crisis staff of economists debated whether the regional perspective should be considered.

"If the cases are regionally concentrated, this might be taken into consideration," he said, as quoted by SITA. The more problematic regions would then slow down the exit strategy while the rest of the country could proceed as laid out in the plan.

Economists endorse this regional perspective to make ensure that "the rest of Slovakia does not suffer economically".

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