Eight new COVID-19 cases in two days, further easing might come in a week (news digest)

Vast testing of clients and employees of social service centres has started. Read your news overview of Slovakia from April 27.

Testing of seniors in Bratislava, April 24.Testing of seniors in Bratislava, April 24. (Source: TASR)

This is your overview of news from April 27.
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Coronavirus in Slovakia

- Slovakia has tested more people in the past couple of days than what the daily numbers used to be in previous weeks, but only a few positive patients were found. Friday's testing revealed 13 infected cases, while on Saturday, there were six such cases followed by two on Sunday.

- PM Igor Matovič does not want to rush with another phase of easing of measures. The second phase should start no earlier than on May 6, he said on Sunday on Markíza television.

- Quarantine in Bystrany is over but other quarantined marginalised communities will have to wait to leave their area. Chief hygienist Ján Mikas said the quarantine in three localities in Krompachy may be over next week. In Žehra, one inhabitant tested positive so the quarantine will last one more week or longer. (Pravda)

- Testing of employees and clients of social services facilities started on Monday. The first phase started in Bratislava and Martin. Gradually, about 80,000 people will be tested within this effort in Slovakia. In addition, state material reserves should equip the facilities with sufficient protective means. At first, people will be tested with so-called speed tests (blood tests). Every person that tests 50-percent positive will be tested with the more reliable PCR test.

- Governmental analysts prepared a plan for opening schools, they say children are missing out on the learning of skills they will need in higher grades too.

- Ambulances of the rescue service will be able to take samples of patients in their homes. It should happen in case a patient is unable to drive to the mobile testing site and their condition is not serious enough to require a doctor's examination or transport to a hospital. (Health Ministry)

- Dentists pointed out that as a consequence of the restriction linked with the new coronavirus, they will not be able to ensure the preventive check-ups of all patients. People who do not undergo preventive check-ups have to pay for their dental treatment the following year, the law says. Health Minister Marek Krajci said patients do not need to be afraid because this duty will be left out of the law. (TASR)


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- The Judicial Council session failed to elect a Supreme Court president again. The vote has been postponed until May 11, along with several other points of the session programme. More of the points not discussed today were postponed to May 25. The postponement was required by new members of the Judicial Council, Juraj Kliment and Eva Mišíková, were elected only Sunday. (TASR)

- Investigators of the National Criminal Agency (NAKA) continued interrogations of the judges detained on suspicions of corruption and bribery. Andrea Haitova and Zuzana Maruniakova testified at the NAKA department in Nitra.


- Most of the regions in Slovakia were hit by drought. Many regional agricultural and food chambers stated this as part of a poll conducted by the Slovak Agriculture and Food Chamber.

News from Slovak politics

- Peter Pellegrini admits that he will run for the top post of Smer.

“If Smer wants to maintain the level of impact and respect in this country and the question arises who should lead the party, I would be certainly among those who would be running for imprinting the new face of the party.”

Peter Pellegrini

- The Let’s Stop Corruption Foundation called on members of the parliamentary human rights committee to question the children's ombudswoman Viera Tomanová about her alleged misconduct. The NGO recommends confronting Tomanová as to why she recommended legal services of a specific prominent lawyer, gave parents advice not to respect the decision of the courts, and suspicions that she employs her brother-in-law at the office. The foundation also said that during the case about the Čistý Deň re-socialisation centre, she met with Marian Kočner, who is charged with the murder of journalist Ján Kuciak and his fiancée Martina Kušnírová. (SITA)

- Bratislava Mayor Matúš Vallo accepted the resignation of the chief of the municipal police of Bratislava, Marek Gajdoš. He gave up his position after drinking and driving. The mayor also asked Gajdoš to lead the municipal police until the end of June, when a new selection procedure for the new chief of municipal police should take place. (Facebook of Matúš Vallo)

- Several Slovak NGOs called on European governments to ensure access to abortions.


- The construction of the Bratislava ring road is not in line with a construction permit and construction project, Transport Minister Andrej Doležal (Sme Rodina) said. He cannot envision any other solution than to have a controversial D4 highway section removed.

- The company Nexis Fibers announced mass layoffs on Monday afternoon. It includes all 400 employees of the company. The Michalovce-based producer of industrial fibres argued that they were forced to take this step due to a temporary shutdown, after the producer and supplier of energy, Chemes, limited and stopped supplies of agents needed for production at the start of the previous week. Employees stayed at home with 60 percent of their salaries. (Korzar)


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