RAI Internacional – to be exceptional, you need to be different

Company RAI-INTERNACIONAL has been trying for 16 years to solve its agenda in a way that is possible and not the other way around.

The goal is to find solutions and not leaving them for tomorrow.

Some of their main divisions are operative leasing of cars, car rental, limousine service and exclusive promo – events.

Next to these divisions they also made up their mind to invest into cooperation with another company – GEVORKYAN, that specializes in 3D printed, two-way safety masks.

The role of RAI INTERNACIONAL in this cooperation will be solution oriented – designing new masks as well as product use. This was extended with a second variant of use – the mask will be compatible with special designer surgical mask that can be used separately. This way the client will have two products in one.

When you plan to attend a meeting with multiple people – be it clients or business partners you will use a mask with a filter more added safety. When you expect to be most of the time alone or there is a slim chance of encountering people, you will simply use the cloth mask without the filter.

This 2 in 1 alternative is one of a kind solution and a very practical on top of that, especially when we know that mandatory face masks will remain in effect in multiple countries for an extended period of time.

Why not use a safe and stylish mask for the purposes of health protection then?

Key personnel of RAI Internacional was contemplating the creation of a new company working independently to reach their goals in designing and producing their masks.

The decisive process was heavily influnced by the fact that there were two options available:

First - create a new company that will be treated as a newcomer to the market without any previous renown, unknown to its clients and will be in a dire need to build its reputation.

Or – use the name of RAI Internacional for this new division as a brand that is active already for 16 years and already prospering in the market.

From cars to safety and designer masks

Let’s talk about the fact... what do cars have in common with two-way masks?

The answer is – nothing... or everything - at the same time..

Everything is a matter of personal opinion – when you visit the websites of RAI Internacional you will soon understand, that everything is about design.

Design and marketing have a key influence on sales and development of the company as a whole.

The general director Ivan Romano Rajčok says – during the time that the company was being founded, there were only a few companies that invested into design and marketing.

This was a reason why the company has decided to invest time and energy into web design and individually customise websites for the needs of other clients.

It is worth mentioning that if somebody knows at least something about RAI Internacional – the company has always invested into innovation.

„I stand my ground that if we earn 3 euros we should invest 2 euros into marketing. That is how we did it in previous years, helping us to reach the post of leader between car rentals in Slovakia and with the widest selection of cars in EU“, tells the general director.

At this moment have Slovak clients the opportunity to choose from RAI car selection with cars ranging from economy class, like Fabia, up to luxurious BMW X6, Maserati Levante or Lamborghini Urus – the same choice as clients have abroad in metropoles like Rome, Paris, Madrid, Prague or Dubai.

At the start of the pandemic outbreak was RAI Internacional the first company to react and find a solution for contacless car delivery and payments. Thanks to communication between the Bureau of public health in Slovak republic and by fulfilling all the necessary precautions, we have obtained the permit to continue with our business.

At the same time, we have prepared a how-to video for our clients in the light of recent events with the summarised concept of a safe car delivery, so that our clients can use our services safely and without any risk - as it was the case before.

Thanks to the precautions and measures administered we became the safest car rental company in Slovakia.

RAI Internacional has taken precautions and responsibility for the citizens of Slovak republic

The cars are disinfected by the personnel with ozone. This kind of disinfection destroys 99,9% of bacteria and viruses. Ozone is a colorless, tasteless gas, heavier than air and is one of the most common gases used for sterilization in medicine. It is one of the most potent disinfectants and oxidizers. There is no fungus, virus or bacteria that can withstand ozone.

Usually, there are parts of interior and AC unit that you could not clean the normal way. On the other hand – ozone reaches these places without any trouble and cleans them. After ozone treatment the interior is cleaned with bioethanol.

To make things safer, it is worth noting that the company has ordered two-way masks not only for its personnel, but also for its clients. These filter not only the inhaled air, but also the exhaled air and this way protect the people in close vicinity. The protective equivalent of these masks is on par with FFP2 filters.


The company understands the current situation and believes that solidarity is the key. Car rental division right now offers special offers with -30% or up to -50% discounts for monthly or long-term car rentals.

Even though most Slovaks stay at home in these times, people will always need cars. Be it so, that they do not have to travel via mass transit solutions (to minimize the spreading rate of virus) or they just simply need to visit an apothecary, drug store or general store.

An important part of this remains the psychological wellness – it is advisable to regularly visit nature and fresh air with your family or shared household. Rental car serves as a method of safe transport to reach your favourite destination. During these times it is much more sensible to travel individually. Travel safely – to work, business, sport or recreation.


RAI LEASE division is the sole company in Slovakia that offers operative leasing for the period of 12 months – long-term rental with VIP conditions. This product is highly sought after by small, medium and also larger companies as with the current situation they are trying to minimise expenses and commitments to the lowest possible option available.


One of the other divisions are exclusive events and promo. This way has the company combined promo events with limos. Limos are the best advertisement carrier – promo events tailored to the needs of a client interested in presentation of his new brand, product or event. Stylish branding on a limo and strong promotional schedule will substitute 1000 billboards in one week.

RAI Internacional has organised multiple promo projects for world class celebrities. The last one was for DJ Timmy Trumpet:

RAI Internacional was also the promoter and organiser for the Brasil Show project that took place in Slovakia during the last few years and belongs to one of the best latino events in the EU.

Behind every successful company is a vision into near future – this is the secret of success of many other world-renowned brands.

If the situation calls for it – it is imperative to look for opportunities. Staying home is not an option. You need to look for responsible solutions for your business – no one else will do that for you. In every company there are ways how to innovate. Every innovation is a step forward for the company as a whole. This is the main reason why we did expand our automotive activities with activities regarding well-being and safety of our clients in cooperation with our partner producing antibacterial masks.

The company has produced a design that is unique and a mask that protects its clients. Car rental RAI is one of the biggest companies offering rental services and has adopted precautions together with responsibility for the citizens of Slovakia, making it the safest car rental company in Slovakia.

For the purpose of safe travelling and minimising the risk of spreading COVID-19 we have adopted the principle of contactless car delivery and payments. For long-term rentals we offer a special discount up to 50% for everybody. By the means of individual travel, we want to negate the spreading of virus.

We are here for you – life did not stop – we stand together.

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