Bratislava Volkswagen plant launches three-shift operation in late May

Second shift to be added in mid-May as production gradually resumes.

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Slovakia's largest carmaker, the Bratislava Volkswagen plant, is currently operating under one shift. From mid-May, production will speed up.

A second shift will be added and by the last week of May, the plant plans to return with three-shift operation, the Denník E daily reported.

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Under its current one-shift operation, workers start in the morning with the production of the SUV Porsche and in the afternoon they work on a line for SUVs Volkswagen and Audi.

Volkswagen halted production in its Bratislava plant on March 16, just a few days after it produced its sixth-millionth car. They labelled it the only responsible solution at that point. Volkswagen only started relaunching operation in its three plants on April 20.

The company has informed in its press release that the production halt was also due to dropping demand and the limitations in the supplier network.

Operation to stop on some days

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From May 18, a second shift will start and from May 25 a third shift will be added as well, bringing the plant back to its full-production mode again.

However, with an increase in the number of daily shifts, the company will stop all production on some days.

During the week with two shifts, the operation should be suspended on Thursday and Friday. The three-shift week will see operation suspended on Friday only.

Volkswagen did not comment on its further plans to add more shifts. They told the Denník E daily that details of the production plan are just internal information.

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