Cinemas in Slovakia launch online film screenings

A group of 18 cinemas are involved in the initiative.

Cinema Tatran in Poprad.Cinema Tatran in Poprad. (Source: TASR)

Since cinemas are closed due to the coronavirus, their owners have decided to screen films for cinema-goers in the comfort of their own homes.

“Culture was the first to be hit by coronavirus restrictions and will be the last to return to normal,” cinema owners explained their motivation to start the initiative on their website.

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A group of 18 cinemas is launching the “Kino z gauča” (Cinema from the Couch) project, which will enable film lovers to watch Slovak and international movies. Each cinema offers the same list of films.

Although people can watch films at home on their computers and smartphones, this type of film streaming will always start at the hour scheduled by cinemas. People will not be able to pause the film or watch it more than once on multiple devices.

People can check out which films are being screened and buy tickets, which cost €3, on the website of one of the involved cinemas.

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