Virtual tour reveals interior of the legendary Grössling bathhouse

Personal on-site inspections were replaced by a video and 3D virtual tour.

Friedrich Weinwurm, Ignác Vécsei: Steam and healing spa Grössling, Bratislava, Vajanského Embankment 11; 1929 – 1930.  Friedrich Weinwurm, Ignác Vécsei: Steam and healing spa Grössling, Bratislava, Vajanského Embankment 11; 1929 – 1930. (Source: Olja Triaška Stefanović)

Despite the fact that it is closed and in need of repair, the public can now take a look around the legendary Grössling bathhouse in the very centre of Bratislava thanks to a video and a 3D presentation. Bratislava city council and the Metropolitan Institute of Bratislava (MIB) plan to restore the baths and prepared this virtual tour for the participants in the international architectural competition for the renewal of the spa, but they are also available to the general public.

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The city council and the MIB announced the competition for the restoration of the now defunct baths in mid-March. Originally they planned to give the architects personal tours of the bathhouse during the following weeks. However, on-site inspections were cancelled due to the COVID-19 virus pandemic.

“In order that all the architectural studios have the same opportunity to see the bathhouse from inside, we prepared the video and 3D virtual tour,” said Marcela Glevická of the MIB. “The virtual guide will introduce the architects to the atmosphere of the bathhouse and will visually transfer them to its individual spaces from the boiler room with its two preserved boilers, to the view from the roof.”

Both the virtual tour as well as the 3D presentation are available at the website.

The competition for the renovation of the Grössling bathhouse is open to both Slovak and foreign architects. They should submit their designs for the first round by June 12. The winner of the competition will be selected by an international jury. The evaluation of the first round will be at the end of June and the final winner will be selected at the beginning of October.

The council’s plan is to restore the legendary Grössling bathhouse and create a new public space. In addition to its original function, it will be enriched by the addition of a library and reading room, a café and a residence for artists.

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