Need an insight into the topic of investment and trust funds?

Our client's success is also our success, says founding partner of law firm LYSINA - ROŠKO & PARTNERS s. r. o.

Comprehensive legal advice on investment funds and trust funds is an important part of the portfolio of services provided by the law firm LYSINA – ROŠKO & PARTNERS s. r. o.

Thanks to our team of professionals in Slovakia and in the Czech Republic, we are able to provide complex legal services in this area, as well as others. Even though the establishment and management of funds is quite simple, the general public has not had much practical experience with them so far.

Investment funds

Since 2016, our team of selected lawyers has been providing consulting services to several businesses in the process of their integration with the investment funds operating mainly in the Czech Republic.

Main benefits of the investment funds for the Slovak clients are:

  • Possibility of more favourable taxation
  • Transparency
  • Administration under strong investment companies

All this while maintaining a high level of effectiveness. However, the above-mentioned only represents some of the main benefits of the investment funds for the Slovak clients.

Trust funds

Business success usually comes hand in hand with enhancing family assets of a client. Protection of assets through trust funds is another area our law firm specialises in. Even though the Slovak legislation does not provide for the concept of trust funds, both Slovak and foreign clients may turn to foreign legal regulations for some help. Protection of assets from various risks, such as those stemming from conduct of business or occupational activities, is one of the main benefits of the trust funds. Possibilities for future generations to dispose of assets or establishment of asset management rules for the future are also worth mentioning.

Professionalism and high quality of services provided by LYSINA – ROŠKO & PARTNERS s. r. o. is only enhanced by the law firm's cooperation with renowned players dealing with investment and trust funds in the Slovak Republic and the Czech Republic. These include esteemed asset management companies, tax and economic advisors, and auditing firms.

Come to us for more information on the benefits of investment and trust funds, we are happy to help you establish and manage your funds.

Law firm LYSINA - ROŠKO & PARTNERS s. r. o. was founded in January 2020. The founding partners, Tomáš Lysina and Rastislav Roško, have each previously led successful law firms, so they are well acquainted with all aspects of the legal profession. Together with a team of professionals they offer legal advisory services of the highest quality to their clients, drawing on their years of experience and education.

Our vision was to build a strong local law firm, ready to provide complex services in all practical areas of law; from drafting a sales contract to the most complicated transactions. I think we have succeeded in achieving that goal. We try to translate the experience of the whole team into the maximum level of client satisfaction, to constantly improve our services, and to respond to the market development and trends. It is simply because “success of our client is also our success,” says Tomáš Lysina.

However, we also provide legal advice in other segments. Other important services provided by our law firm include legal advisory services in real estate, in matters of criminal and immigration law, construction law, family law, etc. We also represent clients in court and arbitration proceedings.

An inherent and important part of our team is a tax advisor cooperating with us on major transactions, enabling us to better address our clients' requirements.

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