People from Slovakia will be able to stay abroad for longer, cinemas and theatres to open on Sundays

Group of experts has updated some conditions for measures eased in the fourth stage.

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The favourable situation in Slovakia and low number of infected patients opened a way for some updates in the lifting of anti-coronavirus measures introduced in the fourth stage.

This includes longer opening hours for restaurants and certain operations that open on Sundays as well. People with residence in Slovakia will enjoy longer stays abroad without the need to show negative COVID-19 test and undergo mandatory quarantine, starting on May 27.

The more loosened regime does not include indoor sports venues like fitness centres and indoor swimming pools.

“All measures proceed from the favourable situation we have all contributed to by applying and observing the restrictions,” immunologist Mária Avdičová said at the May 25 press conference. However, she stressed that with the measures inside the country being lifted, people should be more careful about the risk of bringing infection from abroad.

Changes after May 27

-All indoor operations will be able to choose from three options:

  • to have one customer per 15 square metres;
  • to keep a 2-metre distance between customers;
  • to keep a 2-metre distance between the table edges.

The limitations for restaurants requiring no more than two people or a family with children sitting behind one table and regular disinfection remain in place.

-Restaurants will be able to stay open after 22:00, but only for customers having a private party (like weddings or family celebrations). They will have to prepare a list of participants and keep it for 30 days so that they can provide it to the Regional Public Health Authority if someone tests positive with the coronavirus.

-Cinemas, theatres, taxi services, driving schools, tourist information centres and selling from temporary and movable stalls typical for small municipalities will also operate on Sundays.

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-Slovakia will apply a more loosened regime for eight countries that have a favourable epidemiologic situation, namely Austria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Slovenia, and Switzerland. People travelling to these countries will be able to stay there for 48 hours without the need to show a negative COVID-19 test and undergo mandatory quarantine after returning.

-In the meantime, Slovak PM Igor Matovič and his Czech counterpart Andrej Babiš agreed that from Wednesday, May 27, Slovaks and Czechs will be allowed to travel between the two countries without the need to have a negative coronavirus test and to undergo mandatory quarantine if they return within 48 hours.

Fifth stage to come in early June

Slovakia will introduce the details of the fifth stage of lifting the anti-coronavirus measures on June 1.

It is already clear though that this will include opening indoor sports venues also for individual visitors, not only the sport clubs. This includes fitness centres and swimming pools.

The visitors will not be required to wear masks, but will have to keep 2-metre distance or there will be only one person per 15 square metres allowed. Changing rooms and shower stalls are expected to be open. All machines will have to be disinfected after use. At the same time, the sports venues operators will have to keep the list of visitors for 30 days so that they will be able to provide it to the Regional Public Health Authority if somebody tests positively with the coronavirus.

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