Coronavirus pushed the number of cars sold in Slovakia down by two thirds compared to 2019

Pandemic-stricken April was the worst month since 1995 for some types of cars.

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The COVID-19 pandemic has taken its toll on car sales in Slovakia.

In April this year, 3,424 new passenger cars were registered in the country, a drop of 64.5 percent compared to the same time last year, when 8,894 cars were registered.

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Between January and April 2020, the number of registered vehicles dropped by more than 10,000, causing a loss in sales of about €200 million, the SITA newswire reported.

The worst month since 1995

There were about 331 registrations of small utility vehicles in April, a drop of 58.15 percent when compared with the same month of the previous year, the Automotive Industry Association (ZAP SR) informed.

For cars under 3,500 kilograms (categories M1 and N1), April 2020 was the worst month in the registration of new vehicles since 1995, the association noted, adding that it is the year when ZAP SR started to process the statistical data.

When it comes to individual brands, Škoda still dominated in the category of passenger cars, with a market share of 22.52 percent. Škoda is followed by Hyundai and Volkswagen with the same share of 8.73 percent.

Interest in lorries dropped by three quarters

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In the category of small utility vehicles, first place belongs to the Fiat brand, with a share of 25.98 percent. The second most successful brand is Renault with a share of 12.99 percent, and the third is Peugeot with a share of 12.39 percent.

Lorries up to 12 tonnes marked the registration of 22 vehicles in April, meaning no change compared to the last year. Almost half of registrations are from the Iveco brand.

Registration in the category above 12 tonnes marked an overall result of 68 vehicles, which mean a y-o-y drop by 76.14 percent. Volvo has about a one-third share.

In the category of buses, 15 were registered. At the same time last year it was 33 buses. First place belongs to the Iveco Bus brand.

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